What makes VaultRE your best choice.

Built by a team spanning 46 years of real estate software experience. As a client of VaultRE you are paying for a service, and this service extends from our account managers to our technical team.

For every user

Sales people will love the apps, Administration will love the ease of settling a property and the business owner can customise their own reporting...


VaultRE is built using the latest technology on Amazon AWS. If you are currently experiencing "504" errors or slow-down whilst accessing information, perhaps it's time to consider VaultRE

We Listen

It may sound cliche, but a feature request from one client may prove beneficial for another. We evolve the system on customer feedback. Combined with User Group Sessions run by Adam Campbell, it gives anyone the opportunity to be heard

Mobile Apps

Access your contacts and properties directly through the VaultRE app even if you do not have internet connection; VaultRE can operate offline! You may be asking if you need a separate check-in app? Answer: No, it's included in VaultRE's Android and IOS apps

Future Proof

The future is limitless with VaultRE! Are you running 1 office today and plan to open another office in the next 6 months? No problem! VaultRE is built around efficiency and therefore no matter how many offices you have, simply add users to your subscription without the need for many different VaultRE accounts.


Mundane tasks are now automated through using our inbuilt workflow solution. Trigger Action Lists to automatically run based on different events occuring.


Here's a selection of some of the portals/third parties VaultRE integrates with...

Subscription Packages


The Starter Pack
  • Portal Pushing
  • Feed to your web site
  • Support & Training
  • Cloud Storage


Fee structure based on user license
  • Sales & Listings Management
  • Property Management
  • Contact Management
  • Initial Training included
  • Phone Support
  • Portal Pushing


Custom Franchise Management solutions
  • Manage Franchise Fees
  • Awards Reporting
  • Fee Invoicing
  • Data Warehouse / Insights
  • Franchise Reporting
  • Support Ticketing

VaultRE offers an API (with optional webhooks) to integrate with your third party systems. We do not charge for use of this API; and it's fast - built on serverless technology

Web Site

We can discuss how VaultRE can interact with your existing or new web site... We like to think outside the square - gone are the days of traditional XML feeds...

Who owns the data?

The data is your own and at any time you can export data in JSON or CSV format. And there's no contracts - we don't believe in locking our clients into contracts....