5 Ways to Make Your Real Estate Agency Stand Out From Competitors

December 28, 2021
BY James Lawrence

In this era where competition in real estate is fierce, you need to go above and beyond to stand out from the crowd. If you are able to show people that you’re different with some unique qualities that will serve them well, then you’re going to be well-positioned to not only do a great job but continue to grow your agency. Here are five ways you can look to stand out from the crowd.

Build your brand

When we look at large companies and the names that are at the top of each industry, the thing that stands out most is the brand. The brands have become synonymous with what these companies do. You just have to think about names like Apple and you already know why you might choose to use their technology.

In real estate, the first thing you need to be doing is thinking about your brand and what it stands for. The brand should reflect the market you are serving, the level of service you’re trying to offer and the way you’re going about it.

You need to have your brand front and centre and continually focus on trying to develop and build it with your marketing efforts. In a crowded space such as real estate, your brand is what will help differentiate you from everyone else.

Unique marketing angle

These days, there is more than one way to sell a given property. It’s possible to use classic private treaty deals, auctions or end date sales. However, there is also the possibility of using new technology to help you sell a property.

Over the last few years, we’ve also seen a big rise in the number of properties that sell off-market, relying on an agencies network to facilitate a sale without the need to officially list the property.

The way in which you market and sell don’t matter, however, what you can do to stand out from others, is build that strategy into your overall brand and what you stand for.

If you’re an agency that sells luxury property through the auction process, become known for that. If you have a huge email list of potential buyers, that’s a huge factor that separates you from others.

Build your social media

The role of an agent or agency is to get the best deal they can for their clients. To do this, you need to be able to effectively market a property. A great way to quickly and easily to this is to rely on your own network and things such as your social media presence.

If you can build your social media, it has a number of benefits including separating you from your competition.

Build your network

In real estate, having a great network is arguably the most important part of the business. While this might not be something you can see on the surface, a big network of great business contacts is a way that you can stay well ahead of the competition.

Your network helps generate more business and it can also make your business more effective by always having the right people around you.
The best agencies will invariably have great networks that have been built up over a long period of time. Start building that today.

Be part of the community

Most agencies have a strong connection to their local area, as they attempt to try and build a name for themselves in that location.

If you are able to engage with the local community and become a part of it through things like sports clubs or schools, then you are going to go beyond what many agencies are able to do. You will truly be a part of the community and it will certainly make you stand out.

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