Meet the team and the product

VaultRE is . . .
"Redefining Real Estate Technology"

VaultRE is technology developed specifically for the real estate industry and the first to be created with a focus on providing a complete solution. From its inception, VaultRE has been planned to offer a technology solution for both the sales and property management divisions with both driven from a common database/CRM system to enable the free flow of data between the divisions, share development for common functions such as trust accounting and to recognise that properties and contacts can have multiple statuses at one time. A property can be a rental and a sales listing and a contact can be a buyer, seller, tenant and landlord, simultaneously.

VaultRE has taken the concepts that we have found agents use and rely on, added new functions and methods based upon the years of “it would be great if it could…” feedback, added a property management system and packaged it into a clean and efficient user experience.

The technology is developed in partnership with the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA)

Above all, the end goal is to offer a system that can give a business owner or franchisor the ability to monitor every aspect of their business or group from a single page, from any location and in real time.

Management Team
The team are back...

The technology, is created by the core development team responsible for the creation and commercialisation of the sales CRM, MyDesktop. The team of Scott Wulff, Adam Campbell, Matt Healy and David James, with a combined cloud based proptech development experience of over 46 years, has been joined by app developer Will Connelly to create a system that incorporates the best technology available and combines it with industry knowledge, experience and relationships gained throughout the MyDesktop journey.