How a Brand Refresh Can Transform Your Real Estate Agency

April 20, 2022
BY Rebecca Gillis

As a real estate agent, your brand is everything. It's what prospective home buyers and sellers see when they look at your profile and decide whether or how much to trust you with their most significant investment. Developing a strong, unique brand is a long-term investment in your business, but it will also pay dividends in the short term.

But your brand isn't just made up of your logo and font, brand colours, or the type of cars you drive. Your agency's brand tells potential clients who you are, what you do, and the level of service and advice they can expect from you.

Your brand is also made up of intangibles; how your agents communicate with clients and your brand's overall perception. It's how people feel about your brand, your agency, and it's the story behind your business. It's your unique identifier and what makes your agency different from others.

Why Refresh Your Brand?

When your brand is outdated or doesn't represent who you are or how you want to be perceived, it's time to refresh. A brand refresh allows you to modernise your brand, build your credibility, and help you stand out from the competition.

If you have neglected to take stock of your brand and understand how you are perceived, it could be costing you leads. If you aren't projecting a modern, cohesive, and professional brand across all your touchpoints, you're sending the message that your business isn't credible or trustworthy and that you don't care. Likewise, if your branding looks outdated, you'll send the message that you're out of touch with the world.

Audit Your Brand

The problem is that most agencies don't take the time to audit their brand. Instead, they let their brand evolve organically over time without a clear direction or purpose. Before you can do a brand audit, you need first to identify the current state of your brand.

It's a good idea to talk to your customers and see how your brand is perceived - you could use a simple survey tool to send an email to your clients asking a series of short questions to see your brand through the eyes of your clients. The results can be surprising and challenge your assumptions about how your brand is perceived. 

Build a list of where your brand appears, whether it's digital or print assets, and review each brand asset to identify where changes need to occur and how that will happen. Your brand assets can include your website, social media, property listings, email campaigns, for sale signs, cars, and brochures.

Your imagery, tone of voice, and language you use across marketing materials and in real life should communicate to new leads what they get when choosing your agency over another. Most of all, it should be consistent, so your brand is instantly recognisable in an instant.

Developing a Branding Strategy

So once you've established your brand audit, it's time to build a strategy. It can seem like an overwhelming task, so you should decide who will be part of this new brand strategy team. You're most likely going to need a graphic designer and a skilled writer at the very least. You may decide to engage the services of a marketing agency that can help you determine if you just need to make some improvements or whether you need to complete a rebrand.

Do your research and find an agency that has experience in real estate branding and preferably knows the local market. Also, ensure that you are gaining insight from potential users along the way as part of your rebrand - this will help you stay on track with communicating your brand story.

Don't Forget Your Agents

Your agents are the face of your brand. They are the ones that prospective homebuyers and sellers interact with when looking for a real estate agent. It's up to you to make sure that your agents speak to your brand, not the other way around. It's good to make sure your employees are consulted on any changes and fully briefed on the details of your brand refresh.

Communicating Your Brand Strategy

If you don't plan a brand refresh well, you might find the old and new brands both being used, which looks unprofessional and is confusing for both agents and clients. Your brand change should also have an integrated marketing plan to ensure you communicate your refresh across all your channels, including owned, earned and paid.

Maintaining Your Brand

Once your brand is refreshed and rolled out, make sure you’re maintaining your brand, and making sure it reflects what you care about. After all, that brand equity - the value derived from your client's perception of your brand - will be at the heart of your agency’s success.


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