How to Add a Personal Touch In the Age of Technology

March 17, 2022
BY James Lawrence

While technology is supposed to make our lives easier, things have moved so rapidly that many people have almost completely forgotten just how important that personal touch is.

In real estate, so much of the business is done based on real-life human interactions. While it’s quick and easy to send an email or an SMS, by going the extra mile and making an effort to really add a personal touch can be something that separates you from the pack.

Think about when you receive a gift. What’s more meaningful? A gift card from the local department store sent via email? Or something that has been picked out because that person knew how much you liked that sort of thing and went to the trouble of going out and getting it.

The small things really matter. How can you add a personal touch?

Get on the phone

These days so much is done by email, it’s very likely that you’ve worked with people who you’ve never actually spoken to. Let alone seen in person.

While it’s handy for our lifestyle to be able to operate completely remotely, you’re really missing out on building personal relationships.

A very easy way to do this is to simply give a new contact or business acquaintance a call and see how you can potentially help them. They will be sure to remember it.  Even in your marketing process, while a prospective buyer might be fine receiving an SMS, by making a call it might just get you a stronger connection and a better result.

Handwritten notes

Once again an email is quick, easy and convenient, but it really does lack any degree of personal touch. It’s likely sitting in a folder somewhere, between spam and a list of tasks that you’re yet to get to. 

Why not change things up and send a handwritten note. This works especially well as a thank you or congratulations to a new homeowner or vendor who has made a successful sale.

Thank you gift

A gift can be as simple as a bottle of wine, but again it’s something that people don’t soon forget.

While the obvious time to give a gift is when settlement is all wrapped up, don’t forget about your key referral partners and other business associates. A gift and a personal note can go a really long way and make sure you’re not forgotten.

Don’t be afraid to meet in person

Over the last few years, people have very rapidly gotten out of the habit of meeting up in person.  In days gone by, plenty of deals were struck at the local coffee shop and it really is a great way to engage with different people in business.

Again, it takes time and it might be easier to do things virtually, but you'll build a better connection when you get the chance to meet in person.

Remember technology is in place to make our lives easier. But it’s not a substitute for that human touch.

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