How to Service Your Clients Post-Purchase

April 12, 2022
BY Rebecca Gillis

For many agents, the minute a property has settled, it’s on to the next lead and the new homeowner is all but forgotten about.

In real estate, top agents know that this is in fact just the beginning of a much longer-term relationship as ultimately, both buyers and sellers have the potential to sell more property in the future and provide an avenue for other referrals.

There are a number of things you can do to start building those relationships with your client’s post-purchase.

Thank You Gifts

Most agents will already be doing some sort of gift as a form of congratulations, but it is one thing that both buyers and sellers don’t forget.

When you’re dealing with the sale of property day in and day out, it can be easy to forget that for a client, a property transaction is often the most significant financial decision of someone’s life. It’s often also a hugely emotional experience for many, being very exciting and scary at the same time.

Once it’s all wrapped up, there is both relief and joy and a thoughtful gesture at this moment will not be forgotten.

Practical Support

While an agent has likely been holding the hand of a vendor for many months prior to settlement, they will still need support after the transaction has concluded. Perhaps they need movers to help them get out of the property, depending on the terms of the contract or other trades if they are moving somewhere new that needs work.

Similarly, buyers will appreciate that you go the extra mile and help them with the small things that can be a real hassle, like finding tradespeople. While this gesture may seem insignificant, as the client already has so much on their plate any extra help is appreciated. Furthermore, if the client has just purchased in a new area, they are likely seeking recommendations of reliable tradespeople who will do a great job. Again, this will resonate with people, and it will only enhance your reputation.


Once the property has settled a new buyer will likely want to know how that property and the overall area are performing.

This is a great opportunity to keep them abreast of the latest property news for their area through something as simple as a classic email newsletter or something more personalised like SMS.

There’s no reason you can’t keep following up with them and providing value all along the way, and when the time comes to list they will have you front of mind. Things like recent sales are a great way to give valuable information that most homeowners want to know about.

Connecting With Other Professionals

When a transaction concludes it's vital to identify what the vendor and buyer hope to do in the future regarding property.

If you’ve got an understanding of what their goals are, you can potentially be there to assist or provide value in other ways.

Perhaps a new buyer is also looking to invest, you could introduce them to a buyer's agent in your referral network. Maybe a vendor has sold and is now in the market for another property. Use your agency network to identify opportunities for them.

Keep looking at ways that you can add value and help where you can. Using a CRM is a great way to keep track of the many people that you have in your circle. That way you will be sure you’re not forgetting anyone or anything.

Following Up

Ultimately, the goal of all the above strategies is really just seeking effective ways to build a relationship with clients which can be mutually beneficial down the track.

Oftentimes the very best way to do this is to simply call them up every three or six months and just follow up with them. Are they happy with the home? Is there anything they need? How can you help?

If you approach this from a place of simply giving value, when the time comes for them to list their property or even if they have friends or family that need a property sold, you will be the first person on their list to call.

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